MODEL : My CUT Series 107 (42")

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The ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series paper cutting machine has a radial shape with light colour and the new design in frame construction. Centrally expended box type design & high grade material of main parts, gives rigidity & long life to machine, Best quality materials are used to withstand wear, strain & stress. The all cast iron parts are of Foundry Grade 250 and meet with the IS 210 to ensure durability and rigidity. The all cast iron parts specially beds. knife holder , main body are highly strengthen.
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Air float table is provided to facilitate easy movement of heavy stock. Air table helps in handling bulky stock with less efforts, gives comfort and easiness to operator for better & high speed production of bulky & heavy jobs. Selector switch is provided to either switch ‘OFF’ , Switch ‘ON’ air flow permanently.
The ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series paper cutting machine Having Flat 450 swinging shear cutting motion on double slide guides for knife. - Box type clamp bars has triple slide guides.

The ‘MICROCUT’ Paper Cutting Machine is equipped with worm and worm gear for the movement of knife. Worm is made of alloy steel which is hardened and worm wheel is of bronze . The gear operation is almost soundless and vibration free. Oil deep main worm gear with permanent lubrication bath system for lifelong accurate cutting.

The ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series has in built Positive drive Hydraulic clutch system for knife drive instead of electromagnetic clutch. Which ensures slippage free motion of drive. More reliable for energy transmission & response is also faster in compare to Electromagnetic clutch. It has less wear & tear, totally maintenance free. Also save power of electromagnetic clutch.

The  ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series paper cutting machine having Hydraulic system with almost pipe less,  inbuilt, compact & maintenance free power pack. No extra motor for hydraulic main motor use for cutting & hydraulic. The clamp  pressure can be set from 200 kgs. to 4500 kgs.  with the help of pressure knob. Hydraulic power    pack is equipped with 2 gear pumps for delivery of oils for separate cylinders 1) for pressure clamp and 2) for knife.  Separate pressure knobs are provided to set the pressure of pressure clamp and knife.

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The ‘MICROCUT’ Paper Cutting Machine backgauge is driven by frequency controlled Ac Drive for uniform movement & automatic multi speed adoption. Backgauge Traveling on Rapid speed 200 mm/sec i.e. 12000 mm/min which achieving position rapidly hence majority of time can be saved during production & results 30 % higher production than any other ordinary programmable cutting machine. Unidirectional positioning approach to eliminate Backlash. Dual Nut System to eliminate mechanical Backlash & achieve lifelong positioning accuracy. Manual backgauge movement keys is also provided in the machine they operate backgauge in rapid and normal both the speed.
The ‘MICROCUT’ Paper Cutting Machine having Calibration Accuracy of Backgauge + 0.01 mm. Position repeatability of Backgauge + 0.01 mm. Backgauge setting knobs are provided for horizontal and vertical right angel setting of backgauge. No need to open any bolt for the critical settings of backgauge. Back gauge knobs gives quick & easy adjustment. Backgauge running on sandwich type grounded guide bar system to ensures perfect parallel & right angle Cuts.
As per International Safety standard it is not advisable to operate Paper cutting machine without Photo Safety. The ‘MICROCUT’ Paper Cutting Machine equipped with Two row infrared safety barrier in front of cutting area to avoid accident. Microcut paper cutting machine equipped with raw selection facility which ensure safety at all the times while fault in one row use second one..
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The ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series equipped with Very Simple & user friendly control Panel. Machine having Bright LED display for flicker free & radiation free display. Rotary encoder interface for accurate position feed back of backgauge. State of Art CNC position control to give high precision. Hunting / Search for final position for accurate positioning.
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THE ‘MICROCUT’ MyCut series with numerous functions for ease & speedy accurate production. All steps are easy to learn and particularly quick to operate.

99 Programmes Each having 50 cuts storage capacity.

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  • Two Row infra-red safety guard
  • Optical cuttingline indicator
  • Knife changing kit
  • Air float table
  • Slot closing tap
  • Back guage knobs
  • Grounded & Chromed Side Gauges
  • Two piece backguage segment
  • Over Load Stud
  • Cutting Line Bulb
  • S.S.Coating on Front Side of Table
  • S.S.Coating on both side tables
  • One set of tools.
  • One instruction manual & wiring diagram.
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